(Not pictured: Etan Thomas)

Had I taken any other photos (or just had a better cell phone camera and non-caffeinated hands), this is what they would have shown:

– Steve Kerr handing a dollar to the guy behind him, presumably a Minnesota muckety-muck, after the Suns lost to the Timberwolves.

– Gary Payton, forever a Sonic, sitting in the same row as Kevin Durant’s highly vocal mom (and she cheered on Jeff Green just as loudly).

– At the Cox Pavilion, all the GMs, scouts and VIPs were seated in a taped-off section right between a block of autograph-desperate children and the entrance for one team. When D.J. Strawberry came out early in the Sonics-Blazers game, ushers had to step in to keep them from blocking Sam Presti and Kevin Pritchard’s view.

-Dave Deckard of Blazer’s Edge was wearing this:

Funny, I thought that was Steve Patterson’s slogan.

Question: How come when A&R guys spend the duration of a rock show thumbing their PDA it™s seen as dickish, but when an NBA GM or scout does it during games, they’re just intense and always on the job?