While the proposed Manny Ramirez-to-Florida deal is being described as “dead” by one of Ken Rosenthal’s sources, Boston’s shy, retiring Curt Schilling tackle the Mannymania issue whilst chatting with WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan earlier today.  Asked if he thought the time had come for the Red Sox to jettison Ramirez, Schilling replied “would I be the only guy in the New England area that said no if I did?”, adding a mild critique of Pedro Martinez for good measure (“the things that Pedro said going out of town about Terry [Francona], that crushed me because of what I saw Tito do for him. Manny’s the same way…”).  The portion of Schilling’s interview that bear serious consideration, however, was no. 38’s thoughts on the role of Ramirez’ agent, Scott Boras.  Transcript taken from the Boston Globe’s Steve Silva :

œI think absolutely he™s absolutely had a hand in this ¦ I think he absolutely has a piece of this. Scott Boras (above) stands to make zero dollars if the Red Sox pick up Manny™s options the next two years. Manny™s not 1- years from retirement, he™s maybe four obviously, that™s where he™s at. So does Scott Boras want to get a two year-deal for Manny or a four-year deal for Manny? At the end of the day it falls on the player because Manny™s an adult¦ I can™t fathom Scott hasn™t had some¦ you read his comments, he just has no ability to answer a question short, tactfully, and straightforward. It™s a 12 paragraph way to say 19 syllable words that you just can™t figure out what the hell he™s saying.

While the Mets are said to be pursuing Luis Ayala and/or former Tom Glavine caddy David Weathers, the Marlins picked up left-handed reliever Arthur Rhodes from Seattle in exchange for former Mets prospect Gaby Hernandez.  Rhodes was effective in limited duty for the Mariners this year, while Hernandez has struggled since being called up to Albuquerque.   I don’t really have much to add concerning this huge transaction, other than I am very surprised no one has tried to vandalize Mel Rojas’ wikipedia entry.