If you want to read the comment from “Manny Ramirez”, you’ll have to click on the link yourself. In the meantime, other than that getting up early stuff, Curt Schilling accepts full responsibility for his remarks yesterday concerning Barry Bonds.

Everyone has days and events in life they™d love to push the rewind button on, yesterday was one of those days. Regardless of my opinions, thoughts and beliefs on anything Barry Bonds it was absolutely irresponsible and wrong to say what I did. I don™t think it™s within anyone™s right to say the things I said yesterday and affect other peoples lives in that way.I™d love to tell you I was ambushed, misquoted, misinterpreted, something other than what it was, but I wasn™t. I™m thinking that waking up at 8:30 am to do the weekly interview we do with WEEI is probably not the greatest format and if you heard the interview it™s not hard to realize that I™m usually awake about 30-45 seconds before it begins. That™s still no excuse or reason to say what I did, or even answer the question that was asked. The question I was asked and the answer I gave yesterday affected a lot more people than just he and I. His wife, his children, his friends and his family were all affected by that, as were mine and my teammates.

To which I can only add, it takes a big man to admit when he’s made a mistake…but an even bigger man to push that first man around and force him to say sorry.

Everyone knows Dave Roberts has used steroids, cheated on his wife, cheated on his taxes hit a 2-run HR off John Maine to give the Giants a 3-2 lead over the Mets in the 5th inning in San Francisco.