Is there any connection between Aubrey Huff’s eventful debut at 2B last Saturday afternoon in Flushing and the Giants veteran leaving the team this week? Perhaps not, but with Huff being placed on the 15 day disabled list with what’s being called an anxiety disorder, the SF Chronicle’s Henry Schulman provides a uniquely personal perspective  on the matter.

Since 2009 I have been treated for depression, in therapy and medicinally, and continue to be treated. Many awful things happened to me and people around me in a very short time, and my mental health was affected. Anxiety and panic attacks were part of it.

I say this, then, from experience. Everybody will have an opinion about what set this off, but you can’t know, and it’s possible Huff doesn’t know. Sometimes a panic attack just happens.

Remember, Huff has gone through a lot in his life, including his father being murdered when Aubrey was 7. Huff’s career has stalled, and he has made many comments (usually in jest) about the end of his baseball days. Saturday’s episode at second base had to be embarrassing. There also must be personal issues that remain undisclosed, too. It’s foolish to try to play psychoanalyst in a blog or a living room and try to pick a cause.