While some of us were too lazy to switch channels before, during or after ESPN’s coverage of last Sunday night’s Indians/White Sox season opener, The Juice’s Scott Long showed he has a great appreciation for highbrow programming.

I wanted to mention that the opening of Baseball Tonight with Karl, Kruk, and Harry failed to keep my attention. I want to thank ESPN for having these 3 together, though, as I flipped through the channels after the first commercial break and ran into an episode of “Fastlane” on G4. This was a 2003 Fox show that I’m surprised aired long enough that it could have any type of syndication deal, but I’ve always had a thing for one of its stars, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, so I stopped to give it a look. This very, very special episode had Miss Thiessen(s) going undercover to expose a Lesbian gang of thiefs. The leader of the gang is played by Jamie Pressly, who Thiessen seduces. The highlight of this episode so aptly named, “Strap On” is when Thiessen, Pressly, and another lesbian gang member who looks similar to Angelina Jolie, share a naked hot tub moment. Since it was a network television show, the naked bodies were underwater, but Thiessen and Pressley give a kiss so passionate that I was squirming on my couch more than listening to Harry Reynolds break down the steroid scandal. BRAVO Miss Thiessen and Miss Pressly!!!

Memo to the Bristol Brass : this is what the Krukster and Tino are competing with. Plan accordingly.