Capitols LW / Richard Butler lookalike Alex Semin (above) recently submitted to a wide ranging interview with Red Yarsk‘s Igor Rudik, the latter coming up with a number of questions we don’t often see in the limited space offered by The Hockey News (translation swiped from alexovetjkin). Were Igor to bring a similar approach to quizzing North American players, Narwaur would have some serious competition.

In addition to Washington Capitals, is there any NHL team you wouldn’t mind to leave to? Detroit, for example?
I am not a fan of changing the environment. I am such a person that I am satisfied with everything in Washington. Never thought about leaving. And how to leave? You decided to play for another team and you leave? There is no such thing in NHL. If they trade you, they won’t ask where you want to.

Washington DC is a city much more boring than New York.
But it’s harder to play in New York.

Because we are young and everything is interesting for us. And New York is like second Moscow, everything is open there for 24 hours. Too many temptations, and the buzz and the noise.

And what you don’t like the most? The environment?
Well, yes. It’s boring there. And everything is different. But now I do not want to make any predictions. There will be another time, it may take ten years, fifteen¦

Do you like the food at least? Those fast foods are loathsome.
You getting tired of it. But you have to, and you are getting used to.

And what are you getting tired of?
All meals.

Did you go to some interesting concerts in America?
We went to see “Pussycat Dolls”. What else? We went to many concerts. I simply don’t remember the names already. “Maroon Five”, Christina Aguilera. We met with them personally.

Is there a God?
I think so.

Just a hockey God or universal God?
God throughout the universe, of course. He directs all that there is on Earth.

The Americans as a nation are very religious. Their whole families go to the church, and there are many churches.
I don’t know about it.

Who among NHL players lives a glamor life?

Those who have already played five or six years or more.

Some may have built a house with 60 floors? No such thing? Or someone has a car that is 20 yards long?

And why would you need one?

Is it inconvenient?
I think so.

Do they talk about George W. Bush?
No, I did not hear.

Well, at least is there such person?
I know who he is. Like he will be replaced, as far as I know.

What is done wrong in the world?
This is not for me. I won’t even try.

Shouldn’t young man think about it?
And what will it change? Even if I say something. What’s the point?

God can hear you. You go to church.
I still won’t say anything condemning anyone.