With the Giants needing a win in Oakland tonight to guarantee the NFC East title, the NY Post’s Steve Serby solicits some negative commentary about Raider Nation.

For Giants fans, more ominous than Kerry Collins’ desire for revenge is their team’s disturbing pattern of getting distracted in an alien stadium. This one, especially on this night, will look and sound as if it has been taken over by Martians.

“Imagine a big, giant Halloween party,” Bob Whitfield said. “Them [jerks] are gonna be dressed up in all kind of costumes. They got the dude in the end zone with three heads. They said he got three little heads in there, it ain’t like a costume. Like Rosie Grier and James Caan stuck together, remember that? ‘The Man With Two Heads.’ Remember that? It’s really more intimidating during the pregame, ’cause right about the second quarter happens, [jerks] are drunk.”

Morton knows the Black Hole from his Jets days.

“If you let ’em get to you, then it’s over,” Morton said, “because they’ll be on you the whole game.”

Diminuitive Morton laughs hysterically as he tells this story: “There’s this one guy who always dresses … like these platform boots, like a real tall guy, and before the game he’s like, ‘Morton, you need my shoes?'”

Serby notes the Raiders are narrowly leading the Giants in the most penalties assessed in 2005. Even without Bill Callahan, Oakland are defending that Dumbest Team In America title.