I don’t mean to pick on the New York Post’s Andrew Marchand. For one thing, he publicly admitted to reading CSTB, which is the sort of thing that could put a guy of his stature on a neighborhood watch list. For another, he beat his colleague Phil Mushnick on the ‘Fuck Da Eagles’ t-shirt flap by 24 hours. How about acknowledging which Post writers provide you with content, Phil?

But enough with the bouquets and onto the brickbats. Marchand wrote Friday that SNY is replacing Chris Cotter on Mets telecasts with Kevin Burkhardt. The latter was employed as a salesman at Pine Belt Chevrolet as recently as three years ago, so he’s more than qualified to be a shill for Wilpon TV.

But what of Cotter’s fate? I don’t mean to lecture a pro like Marchand on how to do his thing, but it seems to this layperson that The 4 W’s are being ignored in this instance. Who did Cotter blow to get his job? What kind of society are we living in where persons like Cotter are not chased through the streets with burning clubs? Where is the next stop on Cotter’s diabolical career ladder? Why did so many of us turn a blind eye to Cotter’s televisual atrocities until this point?

In short, I’d like to know more about what’s up with Cotter, simply so I can continue to heap abuse upon him, long after he’s left the Mets’ employ and the New York market altogether.