With Detroit needing to fill more holes than one wide receiver — even a world class talent like Calvin Johnson —- can possibly compensate for — the Free Press’ Drew Sharp scoffs at Lions GM Matt Millen not dealing the 2nd overall pick, asking is it any wonder that they remain annual participants in the NFL draft™s top 10?”

There™s nothing wrong with standing firm with the hope of getting maximum value for the second pick overall, but you can™t be stubborn enough to walk away from what might be a very good offer simply because you™re demanding a proposal that blows your socks off.

The Lions blew it again.

œYou can scoff at it if you like, Millen told reporters about his decision to keep Johnson.

Perhaps those words were another smokescreen, and if you™re a Lions sap, you had better hope so, because despite his extraordinarily high potential, Johnson is most valuable to the Lions for the extra early-round draft picks “ and extra bodies “ he potentially brings.

He™s got freakish athleticism and was generally considered the highest rated talent in the draft. But he™s still a wide receiver.

This should have been Millen-proof.

The word there was œshould.