While we wait to learn who will be the GM or manager of the Yankees next season, the NY Post’s Joel Sherman is wasting little time making moves in his own head, first amongst them, trading Gary Sheffield and his little mustache.

Sheffield remains a great hitter. But he embodies an overall Yankee problem of too much age and too many sourpusses, and the money-obsessed Sheffield is facing his walk year. The White Sox were interested in obtaining Ken Griffey during the season for his bat and now might lose their one power source, Paul Konerko, to free agency. Could Chicago start a package with defensive stud Aaron Rowand to get Sheffield?

The Blue Jays crave power and believe Alexis Rios can play center. Is there a mega-trade possible involving Sheffield for Vernon Wells? Can Sheffield be used to obtain pieces that could be redirected to Minnesota to liberate Torii Hunter? The Yanks must find out and then aggressively pursue free agent Brian Giles to play right. Giles is said to favor the West Coast, and should draw strong interest, as well, from the Cubs and Red Sox, if they can move Manny Ramirez.