From Phil Mushnick in Sunday’s NY Post :

Media folks should come with sensitivity-warning labels – “sensitive to all (STA),” “sensitive to some (STS),” “sensitive only to mine (SOTM)” or “sensitive to none (STN).”

Because it’s amazing to listen to those who will find and condemn racism and bigotry – the real kind, the perceived kind or the fabricated kind – in some while ignoring it in others.

Pedro Martinez’s sideshow-reminiscent displays and pass-arounds of a little person – a man afflicted by profound dwarfism – has for months been presented as harmless fun.

But it’s neither funny nor harmless; it’s hurtful and outrageously insensitive. Ask any little person who doesn’t surrender to the circus stereotype. Ask any parent of a child born with dwarfism.

And yet, some media big shots who would quickly suggest that racism, and not Martinez’s me-first habits, is responsible for ill-will toward the pitcher, have had a slap-happy time with Martinez’s toy-full treatment of a fool with a birth defect.

Yet another courageous entry from Nobody’s Mental Midget, but how about naming names, Phil? Like, for instance, your editors at the NY Post who marked Pedro’s Shea Stadium press conference with a Page 3 photograph of another little guy lobbying to become Nelson de la Rosa’s replacement?