Former Red Sox lefty Bill Lee — currently involved in wood bat manufacturing for Nokona (“If these kids use these bats when they are 8 years old, when they turn 16, they don’t have to shoot themselves in the [butt] with a needle”) — continues to be a journalist’s dream come true in his later years, as the following chat with the New York Post’s Kevin Kernan reveals. After discussing the Red Sox and Yankees’ postseason prospects, Lee brings to mind the question, “what other ballplayer, active or retired, would openly emphasize with The Unabomber?”  Other than Steve Carlton.  (Post link culled from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“I love the fact the Red Sox went out and got [Victor] Martinez and they’ve got a shortstop with soft hands [Alex] Gonzalez, which solidifies the infield.” Lee said.  “[Mike] Lowell is a clutch hitter. [J.D.] Drew can play, all you’ve got to do is put a little bit more caffeine in his coffee. And you have three great starters — boom, boom, boom.”

He likes what he sees in the Yankees, to a degree.

“[Mark] Teixeira is a dedicated kid, a great fielder, but I could get him out. I love [Jorge] Posada, I love [Derek] Jeter, but if their butts fell off the highway, I definitely wouldn’t slow down to pick them out of the water.”

As for the always entertaining question (Which three people through time would you invite to dinner?) Lee came up with this interesting group: “Ted Kaczynski, Mahatma Ghandi and Buckminster Fuller. Michael Moore can show up, too. I’m already Michael Moore, I started these things way before he put them down on celluloid.”

Why invite the Unabomber Kaczynski? “I’m an anti-capitalist, even though I have a company,” Lee said. “I have this socialist bent and I want to see what possessed him to go off the deep end like that so it doesn’t happen to me.”