We’re in the middle of an All-Star Weekend with no Knicks representation (unless you count former NY Liberty standout Becky Hammon — hey, two WNBA references in one week!) and former Phoenix owner Jerry Colangelo has few qualms about openly campaigning for Isiah Thomas’ team presidency. Sadly for Colangelo and NY hoops fans alike, Sports Illustrated’s Ian Thomsen claims Thomas’ firing, long presumed a foregone conclusion by anyone with a pulse, isn’t likely to happen soon, if ever.

“Everybody thinks he’s on his way out,” said a rival GM who deals with the Knicks routinely. “I don’t get that impression at all.” This executive has the clear sense that Thomas remains empowered to make any deal he wishes and that his removal as president of the Knicks is not imminent. “I think that owner [James Dolan] is just digging his heels in.” If Thomas’ enemies want him out of New York, they ought to start a “Save Isiah” campaign. I’m not joking: The only way Dolan is going to replace his team president/coach is if he’s convinced the public wants him to stay.