This week’s show was meant to traverse the deep & exciting oeuvre of The Great Kat, bbut the CSTB business affairs dept. informed me we neglected to secure the proper legal clearances from Beethoven*. As such, I had to improvise and select two hours of musical consolation prizes. Thank you for understanding (again).

(* – dog or composer)

Big Flame – Sink
Lithics – Victim’s Jacket
Honey Bucket – Terra Cotta Forest?
Warm Red – Rob’s Couch
The Bomber Jackets – Game Changers
Clarence Baynard Walker – This Is Not A Bodega, This Is Not A McDonald’s

Bailterspace – MODF
More Eaze & Claire Rousay – Couch
Norma O’Malley – Some Tame Gazelle
I Can I Can’t – Hobbyist
Pete Um – Studio Air
Evicshen – Funhouse Mirror Stage (hair Birth)

Zeena Parkins – The 2 Infinites
Nina Harker – Vino Negro
Solid Space – Tenth Planet
Olivia Neutron-John – 16 Beat
The Shadow Ring – Hold Onto I.D. (Live)

The Vertebrats – Left In The Dark
Dick Diver – Calendar Days
Blue Orchids – Bad Education
Sally Anne Morgan – Garden Song
Bird Nest Roys – Alien?
The Infliktors – Where’d You Get That Cigarette

Armand Hammer – War Stories
Marvin Hannibal Peterson – A Sacred Multitude
The Necks – Bloom
Vorhees – The Bath