Over the years, I’ve tried to maintain a Chinese Wall between Cumbucket Media’s sports division (CSTB)  and brutal exploitation of recording artists division (12XU).  Not because I am an especially ethical person, but mostly because it is fun to drop expressions like “Chinese Wall” into conversations with people who born sometime in the last half century.  How better to create an “you can’t possibly argue with me” vibe to persons complaining no one knows their new record is out than by invoking something that sounds as ominous as “CHINESE WALL”?

In this instance, however, I’ll make an exception.  Trustees guitar wiz Mike Melendi has stepped behind the camera to shoot The Gospel Truth performing “Hud” at Austin’s beloved Trailer Space, and it’s a near perfect colison of performance, composition, location and genuinely alarming images of the record store’s ceiling.   “Hud” is culled from The Gospel Truth’s forthcoming LP, ‘A Lonely Man Does Foolish Things’ (12XU 054-1), available at finer (ie. slightly cleaner) record shops on June 18, or at your doorstep just prior if you preorder from 12XU.