From’s Mark Sheldon :

While contrite about taking his frustrations public Monday, pitcher Carlos Silva did not change his opinion that problems exist within the Twins’ ranks.

As he talked to reporters following a 7-0 loss to the Rangers on Monday, Silva ripped his team for a poor effort, saying among other things: “It looks like a lot of guys in here don’t want to play the game the right way.”

Only one of the six runs scored against the pitcher was earned.

The right-hander said teammates Jacque Jones and Nick Punto approached him to straighten out issues. Jones and Punto both committed the errors that led to runs scoring in Monday’s game.

“I know I was wrong yesterday to say those things,” said Silva, who is 9-7 with a 3.27 ERA this season. “But today, those guys made me feel better. That should be the reaction from a man. They are men. They went to me and we talked. They don’t go talking behind me. We got together, we talked about it and we had a good conversation. I think everything is over with. Today is a new day and we start from there.”

Twins teammates would have preferred to see internal matters kept internal, but the need to vent once in a while was understood.

“It’s frustrating. It’s tough. It’s not easy to deal with,” third baseman Michael Cuddyer said. “Certain guys deal with it in certain ways. That was probably his way of dealing with it.”

At least Carlos didn’t accuse the Rangers of stealing signs, though Joe Nathan might be thinking about it. The Twins closer allowed 4 earned runs last night including a game-winning 3 run HR to Mark Teixeira (above, right) in the top of the 9th, Texas winning 10-7.