Of Knicks owner James Dolan’s recent ill-advised decision to call an aggrieved fan an alcoholic and invite said supporter to “root for the Nets”, Carmelo Anthony said, “we all have those moments” (and for Melo, such moments include calling a Twitter critic, “glazed donut face”). Sadly, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was every bit as sympathetic to the Cablevision CEO, telling the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola there’s no precedent for censuring an owner for being an asshole.

“Players, league executives and owners historically have not been disciplined for similar outbursts,” Silver told the Daily News on Tuesday. “As I said, he reacted in an emotional, impassionate way to a direct criticism of him. That’s not the kind of behavior that traditionally commissioners have become involved in.”

Earlier Monday, Silver called Dolan’s reaction an example of the controversial Knicks and Rangers owner being a “consummate New Yorker.”