In a column presumably composed before the Lakers’ 87-81 Game 3 win over the Celtics last night, the LA Times‘ Lt. Dangle-baiting T.J. Simers questions the contributions of a Boston voyuer he calls “a jerk of all trades”. Sadly, he’s not going after Scott Pollard, but rather, 38 Pitches‘ Curt Schilling. “There’s no bigger sissy than a hit-and-run blogger,” sneers Simers,. who clearly never watched an episode of Peter Ivers’ “New Wave Theatre”.

If Schilling has got something to write, let’s see him come to Los Angeles, stand outside the Lakers’ locker room and get cussed out by Vanessa Bryant like every other blogger. Talk about bloody socks.

He writes nice things about Kevin Garnett, which makes you wonder who gave him the courtside tickets, and also writes that he “saw a seven-footer (Pau Gasol) who grabbed like four rebounds and spent the entire game whining about getting fouled.”

OK, so everything he wrote wasn’t off base.

But then he goes after our very own consummate team player, the Beloved One, writing that he really doesn’t know much about Bryant, but “what I do know is what I got to see up close and hear. (It) was unexpected.”

Come on, if the Celtics are going to let an over-the-hill pitcher/blogger sit close to the Lakers’ bench, the Lakers should put Jason Schmidt adjacent to Boston’s bench.

Maybe Kobe will come out aggressively and really show them, Schilling inspiring Bryant, and I wonder how that plays in Boston, Schilling doing more for the Lakers than the Red Sox or Celtics.