Hey, for once I’m not paraphrasing or thoroughly misquoting!  “It’s not a problem, it’s fantastic,” insists Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson of the strong probability as many as 8 players from his first team squad might feature in Fabio Capello’s Euro 2012 England team.  But you’d be excused from thinking there’s a problem when you read the rest of Fergie’s remarks, as quoted by the Daily Mail’s Michael Walker.

‘I think the FA may one day realise who’s produced more players for their country than any other club in the world,’ he said.

‘We’ll maybe get some joy from that in our lives, they’ll realise how important we are to England. Understand?

‘They treat us like shit. But, we’re pleased for the players because they deserve to be there. So, we’re all pleased.’

Not to nitpick, but as the Fiver’s Paul Doyle points out, at least one source claims Aston Villa have produced more England Internationals (71) than any other club.