Calling Ron Artest’s forthcoming ‘My World’ “the greatest album in the history of rapping basketball players,”, Slam Online’s Sam Rubenstein predicts “David Stern will try to have the album pulled from the shelves before Thanksgiving (Hater).” (link courtesy taken from True Hoop)

The first song on the album after the opening skit is called œHaters. Here are some quotables from that song:

œI admit I used to smoke before games.

œHit the liquor store at halftime.

œDavid Stern! Damn, David Stern. I gotta teach you bout the ghetto there™s some things you should learn.

œMatt Lauer, up on NBC. You look like a girl don™t talk to me.

Three minutes into the album. This is f™ng amazing already. Nowadays I™m kind of leery of beef for the sake of beef, but Ron had some stuff to get off his chest, and he does.

With all due respect to Sam’s hip hop credentials, I’m waiting for the thumbs up/thumbs down from DJ Fuckensuck before purchasing the album.