Ben Schwartz writes :

“Not being a football fan, I will let the experts around here debate this Slate piece on the Patriots, ‘the lamest dynasty in sports’ ever?”

“The most memorable image of New England’s 24-21 victory in Super Bowl XXXIX wasn’t Tom Brady hoisting his third Lombardi Trophy or the traditional confetti drenching the field at the final gun. Rather, it was a third quarter cutaway to Bill Clinton, who was seated in a luxury box with a look of utter boredom on his ordinarily expressive mug. Forty-two has always had a clear sense of what is hip. The New England Patriots, despite their third Super Bowl win in four years, are anything but.”

That’s the same Bill Clinton, by the way, whose clear sense of hip has included blowing sax alongside Arsenio Hall and being blown by Monica Lewinsky. Slate’s Robert Weintraub says bring back “the Jimmy-Troy-Emmitt-Irvin-Deion-Jerry Cowboys.”, to which I can only say, good luck with that one. As though there wasn’t some jackass writing “bring back the Bradshaw-Greene-Harris-Noll Steelers” when the Cowboys were riding roughshod over the NFL.

Granted, the Patriots are hardly the most glamorous of dynasties, nor have they produced one notable fashion plate, quote machine, guy-you-love-to-hate, etc. Which, I suppose , for persons uninterested in the game itself, is pretty fucking boring.