Newsday’s Arthur Staple provides us with a long overdue item about the former AL Comeback Player Of The Year’s grooming habits.

Jason Giambi inspired the Yankees faithful with his retro mustache, which he grew in early May to try to snap himself out of a horrific slump. It worked, but only for a time. Giambi, 12-for-66 (.182) since July 3 after going 0-for-3 yesterday, shaved off the mustache after the Yankees’ 14-9 win over the Angels.

“There’s no more hits in it,” Giambi said as he boarded the team bus for the team’s flight to Dallas. “No more hits.”

It was the ultimate act of selflessness for Jason to willfully resemble a pederast while trying to help the Yankees. Perhaps another prominent mustachioed NYC first baseman will consider shaving his off, just to avoid being identified as the announcer who compared the visitors’ bullpen at Minute Maid Park with a concentration camp.  Coming soon to a future SNY telecast  : the clubhouses at Dolphin Stadium — more or less comfortable than Buchenwald?