From the New York Daily News’ Lisa Colangelo and David Saltonstall :

Snapple, the unofficial drink of New York City, may need a lesson in good humor – not to mention good taste.

On its Web site, company officials had the gall to poke fun at Staten Island – then hurriedly pulled the punch line when contacted by the Daily News.

In explaining how to play Snapple’s “Real Facts Game,” a fill-in-the-blank question asked, “The most recognized smell in the world is —–?”

Then came the company’s insulting answer: “No, it’s not Staten Island. It’s coffee.”

City Councilman James Oddo (R-S.I.) said the putdown dredged up old stereotypes about the borough – the infamous Fresh Kills landfill closed in 2001 – and left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“This from a company allegedly teaming with New York to market the city,” said an incredulous Oddo. “That is one hell of a partner we have. Normally one has to be dealing with France to be treated so badly by a ‘friend.'”

Oh, for fuck’s sake. First of all, the stereotype in question might be old, but can Oddo say it wasn’t deserved? And isn’t there a better way of stressing the beauty and splendor of Staten Island than resorting to tired francophobe bullshit? What have the French ever done to Staten Island?