Not content with touting some of the planet’s worst bands, the high-octane intellects over at Austinist have brought our attention to a ca$h-saving promotion :

Tonight you can get two Austin Toros tickets for the price of one. And you may just be watching future NBA players (see: Julius Hodge & Marcus Fizer). And, if worse comes to worst, you can always troll the Convention Center looking for discarded Dixie Cups used by Neil Young or remnants of notes left by some deuche badge at last week’s music confab.

Cheap Toros tickets sounds great to me, but they’re gonna have to hand out some very high-powered binoculars if not a GPS system to locate Marcus Fizer. Technically, he’s a former NBA player after having been cut by the Sonics the other day, and he’s yet to return to the Austin roster.

That said, if anyone finds my deuche badge notes, I’m offering a reward.