It’ll take much more than a 9-1 home stand for ex-Bergen Record scribe Dan Graziano to buy into the notion the 2010 Mets are much more than a pleasant surprise. Writing for SNY — who apparently have fewer hangups about towing a company line than MLB.comGraziano warns, “the danger here, if the Mets keep playing this well for another week or so, is that the front office will fall in love with the team.”

Right now, when they’re feeling good about themselves, is the time for the Mets to poke around on the market. Find out if there’s another catcher available. Maybe the Giants are about to call up Buster Posey and you can get Bengie Molina in a trade. Maybe the Rockies are so down on Chris Ianetta (above), who got sent to the Minors on Tuesday, that they’d deal him and his potential-laden bat to Queens. Maybe there’s a veteran late-inning reliever to be had, or even a starting pitcher. This is the time for the Mets to be aggressive in addressing needs — before they all become obvious again.

And they will. As hot as Pelfrey and Niese have been, they’re still young pitchers, and the only thing we know for sure to expect from young pitchers is inconsistency. They will struggle. Oliver Perez already is. John Maine never, ever looks healthy, even when he’s at his best. This rotation isn’t built for six months, and it needs reinforcements, both in the rotation and in the bullpen to support it.

Graziano certainly has a point regarding the relief corps, routinely being called upon for 3+ innnings on good nights. The Daily News’ Peter Botte points out Fernando Nieve is tied for the major league lead in appearances (14 in 22 games) and there’s no way he’ll continue to excel over the course of an entire season if called upon so frequently.