From the Associated Press :

The Ohio State Highway Patrol has stopped distributing posters promoting safe driving that feature a football coach convicted of drunken driving.

Ohio coach Frank Solich, hired last year to turn around the football program, entered a no contest plea on Nov. 28, two days after police found him slumped over his steering wheel.

The patrol chose him for the poster last summer because of his standing in the community. Solich appears in the poster with two troopers and the slogan, “Save the aggression for the field, not the road.”

That standing also led to widespread attention to his arrest, said Lt. Tom Dean, commander of the patrol’s Athens post. The patrol has not displayed or distributed copies of the poster since then.

“I respect the decision by the State Highway Patrol, and I certainly wish them the best in the future with this initiative,” Solich said.

If anyone would like to suggest another qualified Ohio icon for this program, fire away and I’ll pass your comments along to the appropriate party.