(back when Hrabosky was on the other side of the microphone)

I only caught a few moments of the Dodgers’ 13-4 rout of St. Louis last night, but since I was watching the ESPN feed, I was denied the analytical magic of Al Hrabosky. To hear Redbirds Rants’ Thomas Demerath tell the tale, that’s no great loss, with Demerath declaring “(Hrabosky’s) act on air is like Elmer Fudd.”

Tonight on the air, in a middle of a gruesome game at Busch Stadium, old goofy Al with his crazy facial hair made the mistake of calling the song “Gangnam Style” Anti-American.

Then, Hrabosky had the arrogance to stick his foot further in his mouth by talking more about pop music, and declared that America made PSY rich. Those ignorant incorrect statements made by a former Cardinals pitcher ruined some kids night.  What a shame.

Good job Al, you lied to kids, dancers, teens, parents, teachers and whoever was paying attention to the Cardinals telecast of tonights game.  The next time someone who doesn’t understand Korean hears “Gangnam Style” they could actually think that the dance song is actually anti-American.