Unlike the recent Randy Johnson press conference, I’ve heard not a mention of what the catering was like today (or what Suzyn Waldman was wearing).

From the Associated Press :

Jason Giambi apologized to the New York Yankees. He apologized to his teammates. He apologized to fans.

He never said why he was apologizing. And not only did he never say whether he used steroids, he never even mentioned the word.

Giambi came to Yankee Stadium to make his first public comments since it was reported in December that he’d told a federal grand jury in 2003 that he took steroids for at least three seasons.

“When I went into that grand jury, I told the truth,” he said.

But that’s about as far as he went, despite a lot of prodding.

“I know the fans might want more, but at this present time because of all the legal matters, I can’t get into specifics,” he said. “Someday, hopefully, I will be able to.”

Many of his comments were peppered with “sorry.”

“There’s been a lot of distraction, definitely, over the last year, and I’m sorry for that, I really am,” Giambi said. “I feel I let down the fans, I feel I let down the media, I feel I let down the Yankees, not only the Yankees, but my teammates.

“I accept full responsibility for that,” he went on. “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to go forward now. Most of all, to the fans, I’m sorry. I know it’s going to be hard, and I understand how they feel.”