When The Republican’s Ron Chimelis (or his headline writer) argues, “Women prove perfect, passionate sports”, he proceeds to confuse compliments with condescension. Recalling Jacoby Ellsbury’s recent departure from Boston in favor of a megadeal with the New York Yankees, Chimelis (above) claims,”Male fans rushed to their sabermetrics tables. They calculated the loss of Ellsbury’s WAR statistic and studied the farm system for replacement.” Conversely, “Women did none of this. All they did was swoon.” (link swiped from the Katrina & The Waves-recalling Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Women wrestled with the loss of their favorite eye candy. I did not find this shallow; I found it refreshing.

Women commit an emotional stake in these guys. Men do not. Well, not in the same way. At least, not the men that I know. Maybe I should stop before I get into trouble.

Men seem relieved the Red Sox will stay under the luxury tax. Women can’t believe he jilted them.

There is a hypocrisy to all this. If I were to say I favored a women’s sports team or athlete because of the hottie element involved, I would risk being chastised or fired.

Not that these thoughts don’t cross our minds. Women, however, can brazenly say they adore Ellsbury because, well, they adore him.