(if he keeps this up, someday Steve Spurrier will be able to afford an entire hat)

For those of us who thought South Carolina would struggle to win 5 games this year, the Gamecocks’ 30-22 win at no. 12 Florida is further confirmation that Steve Spurrier — much like Rick Pitino in basketball, Bela Karolyi in gymnastics or Col. Kenneth R. Strickland in the training of armed combat — is a world class coach. Though I’ll be more impressed if he finds a way to come back to the NFL and beats Dan Synder’s Redskins. Actually, forget about impressed, satisfied is more like it.

No. 2 Texas are currently leading Kansas, 59-14. I certainly hope Mark Mangino’s post-game press conference addresses the biased officiating and the massive conspiracy designed to propell the Longhorns into the Rose Bowl, though who knew Mangino’s special teams were in on the fix?

In reference to this afternoon’s Bowden Bowl, I’m not gonna regurgitate the joke about how its a shame there wasn’t a way both teams could lose. Rather, I think it is a shame that both coaches weren’t devoured by sharks.

Chris Bostic, a landscaper and military vet, won a $1 million prize at halftime of the Florida State/Clemson game when he threw a 25 yard pass through a 20 inch hole.

There’s no truth to the rumor the San Francisco 49ers have ruled out approaching Bostic (above) on the grounds he’s overqualified.

Harvard beat Penn today, though I can’t remember much else. Jon Solomon claims that Jon Sterling was calling the game (which I somehow spaced on — perhaps I’ll turn the volume up next time). First they let Jesse Ventura give a speech at Harvard, now this. The Ivy League is really going to hell.