Conveniently ignoring his hometown club’s history of employing Bunyanesque fraud Mark McGwire, pretentious Big Mac apologist Tony La Russa and the sickening Joe Buck, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Dan O’Neil attempts to assemble a laundry list of reasons to hate the New York Mets, the most curious of which being “The Curse Of Keith”.

The Cardinals have not won a World Series since 1982, or since they traded Keith Hernandez to the Mets in the 1983 season. If you scramble the names of the people involved in the trade – Rick Wayne Ownbey, Neil Patrick Allen and Keith Hernandez, you can spell “Won’t Win Any,” or “Won’t Catch Any Break.”

You can also spell “Draw Another Beer.” – not sure about the significance of that.

There’s someone else involved in said trade ; Whitey Herzog, who played Mike Curb to Mex’s Velvet Underground in this instance.  If you rearrange the letters to the White Rat’s name, you end up with THEE ORGY WHIZI’m pretty sure of the significance of that.