Though I might have to take issue with Slam’s Sam Rubenstein calling Tracy Morgan “too sane”, the former is all over Stephon Marbury’s totally WTF appearance on the Francesca-less “Mike’d Up” this past weekend.

He answered questions with rambling non-sequiters. He received a phone call from his wife during the show and he started talking on his cell. He yelled over the host™s voice when he was trying to read highlights. He got all emotional talking about KG. He refused to answer some questions and acted like he was really offended that the host would put him on the spot. He said he might average 12 dimes and 2 assists whatever that™s supposed to mean. He said the Knicks can win the trophy this year, but he doesn™t play for trophies even though that™s what it™s all about, he just plays to win. I have no idea what any of that means. If you are confused, then I am doing my job well conveying this info to you.

I don’t know what they’re pouring in the Green Room at WNBC, but here’s hoping Paul Lo Duca has a chance to outdo Steph next Sunday.