Though the Suns managed to rout San Antonio last night, 96-79, Phoenix F Amare Stoudemire was still feeling the ill-effects of an alleged cheap shot from —- who else? — Bruce Bowen.  From the San Antonio Express-News’ Mike Monroe :

“Much ado about nothing,” Bowen said after Stoudemire reacted angrily when Bowen ran into a screen he had set for Steve Nash.

Stoudemire took a few steps in Bowen’s direction after a timeout was called and players were walking back to their respective benches after the two players bumped near mid-court. Coaches from both teams walked on the court to prevent tempers from getting out of hand.

“It definitely wasn’t a basketball play on his part, and I reacted” Stoudemire said. “And I definitely didn’t appreciate it. I let him know about it.”

Asked if he would be Bowen’s friend on the MySpace Web site, Stoudemire responded negatively at first, then changed his mind.

“I probably would,” he said. “But just to get his address. Then I might go visit him at his home.”