Dodgers mouthpiece Charley Steiner (above), writing for Hall Of Fame, takes exception with the 2007 inductees. To Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame, that is.  (thanks to Repoz for the link)

I’ve got some rock ‘n’ roll chops. If not chops, then certainly some history. From my teenage days in the Village hanging out at the Café au GoGo, Café Wha and the Bitter End, listening to the Blues Project, Lovin’ Spoonful and Richie Havens in their (and my) formative years, rock ‘n’ roll grabbed a hold of me and has never let go. I can’t play a lick, but I would put my 8000 iPod tunes up against anybody’s. Now that the preface is out of the way, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Last year’s inductees into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame wanted dead or alive and in alphabetical order were Black Sabbath (is Ozzy dead or alive?…you be the judge), Blondie, Miles Davis, Lynyrd Skynard and the Sex Pistols. No arguments, no qualms with any of the above. This year’s class, I must admit left me profoundly indifferent. Grandmaster Flash gets into the hall of fame, for scratching records with the needle on a Victrola? Ok, not my cup of tea. R.E.M certainly were the vibe of their decade/generation. Fabulous band, unique sound, but a band with a lasting impact? I dunno. We’ll talk in 50 years. Same can be said for Van Halen, whose off-stage antics were almost as entertaining as their musical body of work. Patti Smith’s primal, guttural and soulful voice and presentation makes her a unique artist. And while the Ronettes were one of the great girl groups, Hall of Famers? I™m not sure about that. It wasn’t as if they had a body of work, and had it not been for Mrs. Spector’s husband’s wall of sound, they might have well been the Shangra-las.