From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Jeff Caplan :

So Charles Barkley has been ripping on Golden State and the city of Oakland. Then he proclaimed he’s rooting for the Mavs to win after Warriors fans brought out some signs in Game 4 railing on Barkley: “I usually don’t care who wins, but now I’m rooting for Dallas. They’re just mad (Barkley said of Warriors fans), mad because they are in Golden State and not L.A.”

Barkley also wore a Dirk Mavs jersey on the TNT broadcast the other night: œI™m rooting for Dallas now. I usually don™t care who wins, but now I™m rooting for Dallas. They™re just mad, mad because they are in Golden State, and not LA.

So, Warriors forward Stephen Jackson (above) had a prepared comeback for the TNT cameras during their shootaround Tuesday morning. Just a little something Jackson, Matt Barnes and Baron Davis came up with.

Jackson, looking straight into the camera, says to Barkley that he’s been watching those T-Mobile commercials and he’s done some “investigating” as to why Dywane Wade can’t get into Barkley’s Fave Five.

“It’s probably full,” Jackson said. “Here’s who’s in it: McDonald’s, Dominos, Burger King, it was Subway, but he pushed them out for Cinnabon, and Krispy Kreme.

“Maybe if Dwyane Wade opens a restaurant, he may have a chance.”

Giddy with the possibility of sending the Mavs home with a Game 5 win defeat tonight, Golden State Of Mind writes, “last time the Warriors won a playoff series, MC Hammer was blessin’ the airwaves and the country with “2 Legit 2 Quit.” Maybe we should bring him back for the sake of nostalgia and goodluck?” And once again, Oakland shows no love for Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

Gloving memories
— amazing to think at least one commentator favors bringing Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp back to Seattle for one last hurrah.