After 15 years in the big leagues, it’s nothing but Saturdays off from here on in. From the New York Post’s Mark Hale :

Right fielder Shawn Green, who played with the Mets for the last year and a half and spent parts of 15 seasons in the majors, told The Post yesterday that he has retired.

“I had planned on retiring at the end of this contract,” the 35-year-old Green said yesterday in a phone conversation. “If something where I could live at home popped up, then I would have had to take that under consideration. But I still don’t know what I would have done.”
That decision never really had to be made.

The affable Green, a former member of the 30-30 club who once smashed four homers in one game, wrapped up his tenure with the Mets last season. He said yesterday that a bunch of teams then showed interest in him, but he indicated that he simply wasn’t willing to be that far from his California home.

Indeed, not everyone is cut out for the Long Island Ducks.

I don’t know if Kenny G is really Miguel Batista’s “musical idol” (“I’m reminded of the time Dick Allen met his idol Paul Mauria”, writes Repoz), but who else would the Seattle hurler discuss “breathing techniques” with? Not that J.J. Putz doesn’t have an interesting method, mind you.