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In the overall scheme of things, this might be more damaging to Michael Strahan’s rep than his friendship with the doctor from “Celebrity Fit Club” From the Newark Star-Ledger’s William Kleinknecht. (link courtesy Scott DeSimon)

Along with the bickering about marital assets and child support, the Michael Strahan divorce trial yesterday yielded an intriguing mystery — the undisclosed nature of surgery he had last year.Ellen Marshall, Jean Strahan’s attorney, mentioned while discussing Michael Strahan’s medical expenses that he underwent some kind of plastic surgery with a Dr. Rothaus, no first name disclosed.

New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan faced no such questions because sheriff’s officers have allowed him to leave though a special exit not usually made available to parties in a divorce case.

There was no way of knowing whether the surgery was performed by Kenneth Rothaus, a Manhattan physician who specializes in cosmetic procedures, including liposuction.

The press did take note when Strahan, once 275 pounds, tipped the scale last December at a mere 248, part of what he said was an effort to improve his health and agility.