As you’ve probaly heard,, Harvard President Lawrence Summers has been under fire for recent remarks in which he questioned the “intrinsic aptitude” of women in the fields of science and engineering. More recently, it was revealed that Summers, perhaps hoping to become the Al Campanis of higher education, also spoke of “the relatively low number of women in the sciences to the numbers of Catholics in investment banking, whites in the National Basketball Association and Jews in farming.”

(hey ladies, it’s Larry Summers, and he’s ready to talk science)

Much as I hate to see stereotypes perpetuated, Summers might have a point about farming —- I tried for years to grow my own pot and it never really worked. I’m not sure what the Doctor would have to say about the relative paucity of black serial killers (Wayne Williams and the D.C. Sniper excepted), Amish hip hop MC’s or Boston University students without STD’s, but maybe he can write about that after he loses his job.