I missed Wednesday’s Marlins/Nationals telecast because I was too busy watching Manny Acosta blow a game for the Mets when Jerry Manuel apparently forgot Francisco Rodriguez was on the roster/payroll.  If Manuel needs K-Rod this afternoon against Colorado, he can try to find him at Central Booking ; the rest of us however, can take our minds off the atrocity exhibition in Flushing by basking in wonderment at the continued employment of MASN’s Rob Dibble.  During the aforementioned Nationals game, Dibs, as quoted by DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg, found something notable about two lady-persons attending a baseball game without male owners present (holding a leash).

“Those ladies right behind there, they haven’t stopped talking the whole game,” Rob Dibble said in the sixth inning of Wednesday night’s Nats broadcast. “They have some conversation going on. Right here,” he said, circling the offenders. “There must be a sale tomorrow going on here or something….Their husbands are going man, don’t bring your wife next time.”

“All right Bob, now they’re back there, they’re eating ice cream and talking at the same time,” Dibble noted in the top of the eighth.
“I just got an e-mail that said there’s a lot of women who come to the games — while their husbands are the ones at home — because they love this game,” Carpenter noted, briefly touching base with the 21st century. “Tread carefully, Mr. Dibble.”

“My wife loves to come to the game, but they’re right there, still talking,” Dibble countered.

“Well, better there than the two seats behind you on an airplane on a five-hour flight,” Carpenter said.

“Yeah, that’s true,” Dibble agreed.

Then Carpenter started talking about baseball. And then Dibble started talking about something else.

“I was just thinking, those women, there’s a new series Real Housewives of D.C. that just came out, he said. “Maybe they’re filming an episode?”

Between lecturing the Washington coaching staff, conducting Nats cheerleading clinics on-air and keeping us abreast of plans for Body Count to play this year’s Ground Zero Fest at Beerland, Dibble doesn’t have much time to keep up on current events. As such, he might not be aware that women womyn long ago won the right to vote, serve on the Supreme Court, organize music festivals and have sex with persons who are neither their husbands or men.