A day after his one-game suspension for using Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers as a human doormat was reduced to a $70,000 fine, Lions LB Ndamukong Suh faced the media prior to this weekend’s Wild Card clash against the Cowboys, and in the words of MLive’s Kyle Meinke, “unleashed a barrage of “next questions” and ‘I’m just looking forward to Dallas'” :

Did he intentionally step on Rodgers during Sunday’s 30-20 loss against the Packers?

“Next question,” Suh said.

And is it true he couldn’t feel his feet, an excuse he used to successfully appeal the suspension?

“Next question,” he said.

Suh used that line 10 times to nine questions during a 7-minute news conference at team headquarters in Allen Park. He also said he’s “looking forward to playing Dallas,” or some iteration of that, to 12 other wide-ranging questions.

“I’m just looking forward to playing against Dallas,” Suh said during an opening statement that cut off a question from a team employee. “I look forward to playing against Dallas,” he said, when asked what happened with Rodgers. “Like I said, I’m ready to focus on Dallas and get ready for that game,” he said, when asked about his successful appeal.