The Yankees and Twins are currently tied at 2 in the bottom of the 8th at the Nu Stadium, with David Wells marking the 11h anniversary of his perfect game against Minnesota by providing color commentary for TBS.  Quizzed by the local media before the game, Boomer was quick to criticize a pair of prominent former teammates, with the Daily News’ Kristie Ackert quoting Wells’ declaration that PED users should be ineligible for baseball’s Hall Of Fame.

“No 50-game suspension – ban them right away. That would stop (steroid use) in a heartbeat. Especially with the money they are giving out today. It would be incredible if they did that, you wouldn’t have to worry about steroids or HGH.”

“A-Rod admitted to it, so I mean the home runs he hit off me in Texas, should those count? I dunno.” Wells added. “Maybe they should have a league. They say everyone’s doing it, let ’em do it. But if they elect to do it, they are not entitled to go to the Hall of Fame if they got Hall of Fame numbers, or just ban them right out the get-go.”

“I started calling (Roger Clemens) He-lie, because for years, he called me He-lie, you know ‘Whatever comes out of Boomer’s mouth, he-lies.’ Well I got payback,” Wells said with a big smile. “It was great. Debbie and him on the first tee, (country singer) Toby (Keith) and I and a buddy of his were finishing up and I said, ‘Toby watch this.’ I yelled ‘He-lie,’ and Roger didn’t like it very much, but he came over and said hello.

Wells also suggested that Rodriguez, who admitted that he used steroids during a three-year period while playing for the Rangers, should have his numbers scrutinized. Rodriguez hit three homers off Wells in 18 at-bats during that time period and the former hurler doesn’t think those stats should count towards Rodriguez’s bid for the Hall of Fame.

“Well, he claimed he was on the juice so no they shouldn’t,” Wells said. “Can’t do anything about it, I guess it wasn’t an issue back then. You look at Jose Canseco when he came out and did it, they couldn’t have done anything back then because it wasn’t really an issue. I think Mike Greenwell said he deserved the MVP when Jose won it (in 1988) and he said he did it on steroids. Should they give it to Mike Greenwell, sure. It is what it is. Should they count, no, but are they (counted)? Probably. I am fine with that too.”