Kudos to Gordon Edes of the Boston Globe for resisting the temptation to say something about a wide-angle lens not being available.

Maybe he thought there was no reason to waste perfectly good film or digital space, but David Wells took a pass on the team’s annual Photo Day yesterday morning, when the players smile for a variety of cameras — including in-house photographers and baseball card shooters.

Wells, whose good-natured media boycott is now eight days and counting — he jokingly told Bob Holtzman of ESPN he’d do an interview ”after Manny” — wants to be traded by the Sox, so why pose for mugshots in a uniform he is planning to shed by Opening Day?

Wells still isn’t putting any weight on his surgically addressed knee, but ”his arm is fabulous,” according to manager Terry Francona.

There’s some tough talk from the Mets’ Bret Boone in Ken Rosenthal’s latest Fox Sports entry. Claiming “I’m not interested in hitting 14 home runs with 56 RBI’s, hitting .260,” (which, would represent something of a huge comeback for the second baseman), Boone says,

I’ve been at the top,” he says. “I’ve been one of the better second basemen. I’ve been one of the better players in the game. And I’m not interested in going back to where you look at me and say, ‘Good little player.’ I’ve been that guy before. I’m not interested in playing at that level.

As for Boone’s immediate future, only one thing appears certain: He will not be a backup. Either he returns to being the one player he once was, or, in his words, “I’m gone.”

“I came into this game playing every single day at second base,” Boone says. “That’s how I’m going to leave.”