News of 2007’s finest meeting of the minds is forwarded by Maura Johnston. From AOL Music’s David Sprague :

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis (left), has decided to team up with David Wells (right), his fastball-tossing doppelganger, as part of a battery that could strike fear in the collective heart of critterdom. The terrible twosome are working on an as-yet-untitled television show that centers around the fine art of trapping and killing fish and fowl of all manner.

Although there’s a wide choice of weaponry out there, we’re guessing that Wells will go the traditional route and try to bop a beast or two with the high, hard one. But as for Lewis, we’re hoping he eschews the tried-and-true crossbow route trodden by Ted Nugent in favor of something more original — we’d kind of like to see him fell an elk with a speed-spat tongue-stud.