I sincerely hope that Tim Kurkjian doesn’t think this victim of racial hatred did anything to bring it upon himself. From the New York Daily News’ Scott Shifrel.

When hate-crime defendant Nicholas (Fat Nick) Minucci clubbed a black man with a baseball bat in Howard Beach last year, “It sounded like Barry Bonds hit a home run,” a former pal told jurors at his trial yesterday.

“Like ‘bing,’ [just] like that!” was how witness Frank Agostini described the sound of Minucci’s aluminum bat slamming against the skull of victim Glenn Moore.

He said Minucci, also 19, swung the bat a second time, again striking Moore, 23, in the head. Moore suffered a fractured skull, but survived the assault.

Then, as they fled the scene, Agostini recalled an angry Minucci saying: “N—-rs want to come to the ‘hood and rob s–t. They learned their lesson.”

Visibly nervous, Agostini avoided eye contact with Minucci and instead sought out his detective father in the back of the courtroom.

Minucci, meanwhile, shot daggers at Agostini, but also busied himself reading a Harvard Law School professor’s treatise on the N-word. He contends he used a variation of the vile slur as a hip-hop friendly greeting to Moore and his pals – and not as a racial slur.

The N-word, along with other profanities, was laced throughout Agostini’s testimony.

Surely Fat Nick’s defense team are aware that Barry Bonds hasn’t used an aluminum bat since his days at ASU?