Since the odds of the New York Jets actually playing in the Super Bowl are slim to none, I have no quarrel with the NFL awarding the 2010 game to Manhattan’s proposed West Side stadium, though it does seem like quite the coincidence that said news comes right on the heels of the New York Times reporting that Times Square is experiencing a smut shop revivial.

It was widely reported elsewhere on Wednesday that the MLS’ New York-New Jersey Metrostars, stymied in their attempts to build a 20,000 soccer-specific stadium in Harrison, NJ, might sign on as tennants in the Jets’ new digs. Considering how poorly the ground share with the Giants & Jets has worked out since the Metrostars’ 1996 debut, a similar arrangement in Manhattan would have to provide for the Metros playing all of their games on grass, preferably without hashmarks. And maybe they can lose the “New Jersey” from their name…and donate it to the Brooklyn Nets.