The New York Daily News‘ Mark Feisand reports Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira took valuable time out before last night’s 6-5 loss to Boston to have a word with ESPN’s Rick Sutcliffe.

Upset with an accusation made by  Sutcliffe two weeks ago, the two players approached the former Cy Young winner to discuss the situation.

Sutcliffe said on the air that A-Rod had been feeding Teixeira verbal signs from the on-deck circle, giving his teammate a heads-up on the catcher’s location before the pitch was delivered. Teixeira and A-Rod pulled Sutcliffe aside when they saw him in the clubhouse last night, expressing their displeasure with his charges.

“Me, Alex and him talked about it,” Teixeira told the Daily News, confirming that the conversation took place. “No doubt it’s disappointing when someone makes an accusation like that. Whatever. I can’t control what they say.”

Teixeira said he has known Sutcliffe “for years,” adding that he’s always considered him to be “a great guy and a great pitcher.” Teixeira wouldn’t comment any further on the tone of the conversation, although he and Rodriguez were clearly upset with Sutcliffe’s words and let the former All-Star know it.

“You can ask him about it,” Teixeira said.

Hopefully, Ken Rosenthal will be available to lecture Sutcliffe on the dangers of whispering campaigns.