With all due respect to the participants and organizers of the No Fun Fest in Red Hook (will Taz be there?), there’s “extreme” and then there’s the transcendent guitar playing of Antietam’s Tara Key (above center). Antietam’s performance last night in front of a small-yet-savvy crowd at Club De Ville served as a not-so-subtle reminder that 20+ years in, the trio remain one of the planet’s finest.

Sincere thanks to Wizznutz for the note left at the front door. Had we known you were coming, we’d have baked a cake.

The finest SXSW quote of the week comes courtesy of Brian Turner, who described his participation on a demo listening panel as “the worst thing I’ve experienced since 9/11”.

Of course, he said that before this afternoon’s Air Traffic Controllers set, so it’s still early.