Much like Matt Taibbi, Sam Frank thinks there is something funny about someone else’s faith and perhaps that is why he forwarded the following story from the Miami Herald :

Ex-metal guitarist Brian ”Head” Welch was baptized Saturday in the Jordan River, just weeks after quitting his band, drug habits and rock-‘n’-roll lifestyle for religion.

Welch, a founding member of the multiplatinum metal band Korn, joined some 20 other white-robed Christian pilgrims from a Bakersfield, Calif., church who were immersed by their pastor, Ron Vietti.

Despite saying he was there to be ”dunked in the water,” Welch (above) said the ritual baptism had washed away his anger. ”You know when you get angry and it builds up? I felt like hurting someone before; now I feel like hugging people,” he said.

Wearing a silver cross necklace and earring, Welch, with ”Matthew 11:28,” tattooed prominently across his neck in reference to the Bible verse ”Come unto me, all [ye] that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest,” stood out from his fellow pilgrims.

Pastor Vietti said Welch, who also has ”Jesus” tattooed across his knuckles, is already attracting a new group of young people to the message of Christianity.

After 13 years with the band Welch said he has become increasingly depressed and drug-addicted. The band announced his resignation Feb. 22.

”Everything that people think a rock band sees and goes through, multiply that by 10,” Welch said. “The drugs and everything you can imagine, I’ve got to get rid of it, man. It wasn’t me.”