Former Crank publisher Jeff Koyen, recently mentioned in this forum for his hearty scrape with Howard Stern, has resigned as editor of New York Press. The weekly paper has been under fire for the past week due to Matt Taibbi’s “THE 52 FUNNIEST THINGS ABOUT THE UPCOMING DEATH OF THE POPE”, (“Pope survives just long enough to be acquired by Isiah Thomas for Stephon Marbury, 2005 #1 pick and cash considerations. “We feel like we’ve made ourselves younger and more competitive,” Thomas says.”). and faced with suspension today, Koyen told his superiors they could take this job and shove it (though with far more colorful language than Johnny Paycheck managed). Jeff’s version of events can be found over at Gawker.

NY Press publisher Chris Rohlad took exception (naturally) to being called “a spineless, alt-weekly weenie.”

From Editor & Publisher :

“I think the letter was childish and inaccurate — he called me a spineless alt-weekly weenie,” Rohland said. “He has never said these things to me before. I wish Jeff luck, and I wish the person who hires him even more luck.”

According to Rohland, the original cover concept for that issue was a parody of the New York Post. Koyen agreed not to run it there but slipped it alongside his editor’s note on page 4, Rohland asserted.

According to Rohland, he earlier green-lighted Taibbi’s story, “The 52 Funniest Things About the Upcoming Death of the Pope.”

“My editors have always been given freedom of speech and I rarely step in,” Rohland said. But Rohland said he opposed the New York Post parody cover, not for legal reasons, but because he didn’t feel it was necessary. “It’s competitive enough out there,” he said, adding he didn’t want to give another New York tab free publicity.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense. There’s no telling how much the New York Post benefitted from being the subject of such a parody.

Senator Chuck Schumer is quoted as saying Taibbi’s article is “the most disgusting thing I’ve seen in 30 years of public life.” To which I can only add, the Senator oughta get out of the house more often.