Claiming that NESN’s telecasts “have gone from baseball broadcasts to RemDawg infomercials,” Boston Sports Media’s David Scott has had his fill of the verbose former 2nd baseman.

First and foremost, is it the Red Sox or the Rem Sox? Between his All-Star game party promos, hot dog shop mentions, website plugs and awards™ show bumpers, it™s pretty safe to say that the most prominent brand name serviced by NESN™s vast exposure is that of Remy. Do we admire his entrepreneurial spirit? Darn tootin™, we do.

But what part is self-shill and shtick, and what part is something that actually moves the game forward for the viewer? For every insightful comment or prediction, there now seems to be a standard return of three to five idiotic, mind-numbing topics. In the last week alone, Remy strayed into talk of an imaginary Trump Wig, got all a-giggle about dance team names and repeatedly had to explain the cancellation-then-reinstatement of his Fenway All Star Party.